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Choosing the Right Length of Time for your Fishing Trip

Choosing the Right Length of Time for your Fishing Trip
NC fishing charters discuss what you need to consider for determining how long a charter you should book

One of the more common questions fishing charters in NC and elsewhere get is the ideal length of time for the trip – how long should I plan on being out?

As we’ll explain below, there a few considerations that goes into arriving at this answer.

Before we get into that though, we want to mention the importance of this question. Many an angler aboard fishing charters in NC have come away disappointed when they booked a trip that was too short or too long.

On the one hand, you have novice anglers who bite off more than they can chew. They book a full-day 8 hour charter just to cut it short due to sea sickness or some other malady. This type of angler comes away feeling like they didn’t get their money’s worth. On the other hand, you have anglers who only book a 4 hour charter just to feel like it was inadequate at the end of the trip – just when the bite was turning on, the captain had to start heading back to the docks so he can start his next trip.

Fishing charters in NC and elsewhere typically break their trips up into 4 hour (1/2-day), 6 hour (3/4-day) or 8 hour increments. Some charters with the right boat are able to offer overnight or multi-day trips for serious anglers looking for serious action.

In order to ensure you choose the right length of time for your charter, you need to consider few factors, including:

  1. Budget
  2. Your sea legs
  3. What you want to fish for

Continue reading for a brief explanation of each of these considerations. Keeping these things in mind will help ensure you book a trip that meets your experience and comfort level.

1. Budget

Your first consideration is what are you willing or able to spend for your outing. While the pricing for NC fishing charters will depend on a variety of things like location, the boat and the captain’s level of experience, they typically break their pricing down in increments of time. A 4-hour, half-day charter averages around $350 while a full-day can cost around $550-$600. Of course, if you have a group going, you can break this cost down into more manageable amounts.

2. How well are your sea legs

For novice anglers, being out on the open ocean or inshore waters is a new experience. Currents, wind and other factors all combine to produce swells and waves. This rocking and rolling action can lead to sea sickness to anyone who isn’t used to it. While there are several methods and medications to help avoid or alleviate sea sickness, it can happen to anyone despite your best efforts. What starts out as an exciting day can quickly be cut short if you’re throwing up and feeling miserable. If you’re relatively new to saltwater fishing, you should consider shorter charters (NC) that usually stay within calmer bay and inshore waters. After a trip or two in these calmer waters, you can then venture out into the rocking and rolling of the open seas.

3. What you want to fish for

Lastly, you will need to consider what you would like to fish for. If you’re looking to catch a trophy Marlin, Tuna or large offshore fish, you’ll need to book a 6-hour charter minimum. Since these species live offshore, the captain will need time to reach the right spots. On the other hand, if you simply want to stay within the inshore waters and pursue Redfish, Speckled Trout and other species closer in, a half-day (4 hour) charter will be sufficient. One advantage to booking a longer charter is the captain will have more flexibility to move if things aren’t working out at a particular spot.

Besides choosing the charter boat itself, choosing the length of your trip is probably the second most important consideration next to the place itself.

Capt. Mike Hoffman of Corona Knights Fishing Charters in Wilmington, NC offers a wide range of charters for everyone from the most novice anglers to the most seasoned. Trips range from quick 4-hour, ½-day trips that will expose you to some great Redfish, Speckled Trout and other species close in all the way to overnight offshore trips to the Gulf Stream where fish from the Caribbean are carried by the warm currents to coastal NC. Click here to learn more about Capt. Mike’s charters, where he fishes or to book your excursion today.

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