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5 Popular Types of Fishing Rods You May Encounter on Charters in Naples

5 Popular Types of Fishing Rods You May Encounter on Charters in Naples

If you go to an outdoor shop selling fishing rods or get on a charter, you’ll soon learn that not all fishing rods are the same. Every fishing rod out there is developed to handle certain circumstances and fish species.

A cane pole for example won’t do you much good against a Tarpon or Marlin. On the other hand, a large saltwater rod will be useless if fishing in a pond since you won’t be able to feel a small brim or speckled perch hitting the bait.

If a rod is too small, it will break like a twig. If it’s too big, you won’t be able to tell when a fish is taking your bait.

While fishing charters need to have a lot of gear in order for you to catch fish offshore from Naples, the rod is probably the most important. Before diving into the types of rods, we want to quickly explain material(s) an offshore fishing rod can be made from, which can include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Graphite
  • Composite/blend

We invite you to continue reading for a brief overview of 5 different types of rods used by offshore fishing charters and/or general anglers in the Naples area.

Conventional boat rod – Rods in this category will be anywhere between 6 to 8 feet long and are coupled with lures or live bait. They have a medium to fast action and are generally made of fiberglass, graphite or both. Ratings for conventional rods are generally based on how strong a line it can handle. Heavier conventional rods are often fitted with special guides that can accommodate wire or heavier line.

Trolling rods – These types of rods are made for trolling, which is a fishing technique where the boat continues moving and you drag the bait through the water. Trolling rods are a little bit shorter yet thicker than conventional rods. Reels will also be positioned on top rather than on the bottom of the rod. Also, many trolling rods will come with a notch known as a gimbal on the bottom that allows the angler to place the rod securely in a holder either for storage or a fighting chair. Trolling rods are rated based on the weight of the line they’re supporting. If the rod will be used while standing, it will typically be shorter while trolling rods made for a fighting chair will be longer.

Jigging rods – For some types of fishing, you need to be able to flick the bait quickly through the water to draw the fish’s attention. Known as jigging, rods built for this purpose will have a very flexible tip that will make it easy for the angler to make the flicking motions necessary to move the bait. The highly flexible tip also makes it easy for the angler to feel when a fish is biting on his bait, especially if the rod and reel are equipped with braided line.

Deep drop or Bent butt rods – These rods are similar to trolling rods but are meant more for heavier, feistier fish like a Marlin. Deep drop rods are also meant for fishing in really deep water and often times have an electric reel attached to them. They can be held in the angler’s hand or be used with a holder and electric reel. The Bent butt rod’s roller guides allow it to accommodate very heavy fishing line (rated 200+ pounds).

Surf fishing rods – While you won’t necessarily see this type of rod aboard offshore fishing charters in Naples, the surf fishing rod is popular for the serious angler standing on shore or slightly off the beach. Surf fishing rods range in size from 11 to 13 feet and have a medium to fast action. A rod with fast action and stiff butt section allows the angler to cast farther. The rod’s guides are spaced depending on the type of reel. If coupled with a conventional reel, the guides will be concentrated toward the tip while rods equipped with a spinning reel don’t require as many guides.

Which type of rods your offshore fishing charter will have on board will depend on how far out they’re going and what type of fish they’re targeting. If you’ll be staying close to shore or in an estuary and fishing the flats, you’ll need a rod with better action so you can feel those bites. For larger gamefish offshore, you’ll need a thicker rod that can handle the stress of hooking up with a large Marlin or Wahoo.

The captains of Naples Fishing Boat offshore charters will provide all of the gear you need to have a successful day out on the water. Click here to learn more about these charters, or visit for information on scheduling, rates and more.

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