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Fishing Kayaks under $1000

Fishing Kayaks under $1000
Fishing Kayaks under $1000

The art of kayak fishing has been around for as long as humans have inhabited coastal waters, rivers, lakes and marshes. It’s no secret that we like to take a step back in time and get in touch with our primitive side from time to time. What better way to catch fish, camp and explore than from a kayak, just like our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years. Although technology has given us the tools and resources to do this more safely and effectively, the adrenaline rush hasn’t wavered.

With that being said, the kayak fishing industry is booming unlike ever before and everybody wants in on a piece of the action. Someone new to the sport may be easily overwhelmed with all the choices that are out there from kayaks, to accessories, to rods & reels, and more. But the obvious first step in kayak fishing is finding a suitable kayak; preferably one that won’t break the bank. Here is where I hope to help. I am going to list off a few different brands and models of fishing specific kayaks that come in under the thousand dollar mark - followed up by my current top choice..

1. Ascend FS128T

Fishing Kayaks under $1000

Ascend FS128T ($799) This kayak comes in at 12’ 8” long and 33” wide. The tunnel hull makes this kayak extremely stable as well as an open deck which makes it great for standing up and casting. Be warned, this hull design also makes it a bit sluggish in the water, so speed isn’t on your side with this kayak. Comfort is key, so the FS128T has an adjustable, ergonomic seat that can be sat in for long periods of time without discomfort. The biggest drawback is its 96lb weight making it one of the heavier kayaks out there at this price point, but with features like cushioned foam decking, rod tip protectors, and under seat storage makes this kayak a great beginner fishing kayak where stability reigns supreme.

2. Pelican Catch 120

Pelican Catch 120 ($799) Similar to the Ascend, the Catch 120 screams stability. Another tunnel hulled kayak coming in at 34” wide and 11’ 8” long, but quite a bit lighter at 69lbs. Also outfitted with a dual positioning seat system, comfort is easily attainable with this kayak. With less deck storage than the Ascend, you will be fighting to figure out where to store your tackle and fishing accessories.

3. Perception Pescador Pro 120

Perception Pescador Pro 120 ($829) Perception is no stranger to the kayaking industry and it shows with their new Pescador Pro 120. Not only is it lighter than the previous two kayaks at 64lbs, but its 32.5” width combines speed with stability. Keeping with the theme, Perception included an adjusting stadium-style comfort seat for those long days on the water. Not only are they proudly made in the U.S.A., but they have incorporated YakAttack GearTracs, another U.S.A. product. With features like a removable skid plate, bow mesh cover and tackle storage, this kayak is sure to make you ‘proud to be an American’ while out on the water.

4. Vibe SeaGhost 130

Fishing Kayaks under $1000

Vibe SeaGhost 130 ($899) Vibe is a new kayak manufacture, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the SeaGhost 130. There is a lot of buzz around this kayak with many satisfied customers claiming that it’s the best value out there; and it’s easy to see why. Complete with paddle, rudder and you guessed it, an adjustable aluminum frame seat; you’re ready to hit the water right out the door. 33” wide and 13’ long and weighing 74lbs. the Vibe SeaGhost 130 is a great paddling kayak that still offers plenty of stability. There’s also no shortage of features. Toe control rudder, two tackle tray holders, bow paddle park and even a transducer port with mounting bracket and protective shield has the SeaGhost in a class all by itself.

These are some fishing kayaks that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and ones you’ll probably hang on to well after you’ve “upgraded”. But don’t take my word for it. The best thing you can do for yourself is try before you buy. Most dealers will have no problem demoing kayaks for customers. Don’t be afraid to ask.

And now..

The Best Fishing Kayak Under $1000

Fishing Kayaks under $1000

The best deal for a new fishing kayak ringing in at under $1000 is the new to the market Eddy-Gear Stingray XL. Coming in at $749.99 with free shipping, the Stingray XL is built for fishing and maneuverability.

From Eddy-Gear:

"EDDY-Gear Stingray XL Kayak with its extra wide hull offers unmatched stability for anglers. From flat water, too ocean surf, too small water, the Stingray XL has all the features anglers demand like extra rod holders, ex-large rear tank well, foot controlled rudder system, easy to reach front and rear hatches, and a center console for additional storage with a lid to mount additional equipment. The Stingray XL track extremely well, is very stable, and with the included rudder, you will save energy on long paddles, windy days or in strong currents. A great stable kayak for avid fishing or recreational use."

Not pictured above is the new Comfort Max seat that is now standard on all Eddy Kayaks shown below on a different model:

Fishing Kayaks under $1000
Fishing Kayaks under $1000

The Eddy-Gear Stingray XL includes cam lock hatches, rod holders, a center console, and much more. This is truly a ready to fish kayak as they also include the paddle, a rudder, and even a molded in transducer mount. The overall package and price point really make this kayak the one to look at. See more here.

Fishing Kayaks under $1000
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