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7 Qualities Every Exceptional Duck Hunting Boat Has

Photo Courtesy of Lord Str8stroke via
Photo Courtesy of Lord Str8stroke via

Hunting for ducks, geese and other waterfowl is a sport that’s in an entirely different class. First of all, waterfowl habitat can be quite diverse.

Finding a good group of ducks often times requires you to navigate to some pretty remote places. In other cases, ducks can be found on an open body of water like an estuary or large lake.

Duck boats vary far and wide depending on the region and where you’ll be hunting.

Hunters in south Louisiana’s bayou country for example prefer a “Pirogue” hand-made from cypress while others think a large, open deck camouflage painted boat with a 150 horsepower motor is the way to go.

Whichever boat ends up being the right one for you will depend a lot on where you’re trying to go. If you’re in pursuit of a group of ducks or trying to reach that ideal spot, you may very well end up having to work your away around some tight trees.

Every good duck hunting boat shares several qualities – below are 7 common attributes that any good duck boat will have.

1. Lightweight – Being able to easily pick up your boat or launch from the back of a pickup is important for accessing out of the way places. Many good duck hunting areas do not have a ramp or easy access. Being able to pick up your boat and put in the water quietly can help you reach some of those ideal spots not many others know about.

2. Easily maneuverable – As we mentioned above, you may start out going down an open river, but oftentimes may find yourself having to make you way around a thick, tight grouping of trees. If your boat is too big and hard to maneuver in these tight spots, the good groupings of ducks may get away.

3. Shallow draft – Somewhat in the same vein as numbers 1 and 2, having a shallow draft will be invaluable for reaching prime duck hunting areas. Besides the tight grouping of trees, water in these back areas can get pretty shallow. A small draft on your boat will help you get past these spots or get right next to the bank should you decide to get out.

4. Quiet motor and durable mount – In many cases, you have to sneak up on a group of ducks. Many larger duck hunting boats fail in this regard because they have such a noisy motor on the back. However, a quiet, electric trolling motor means you can access shallower areas without making a bunch of noise. A good duck hunting boat will come equipped with a durable transom for mounting your motor along with a spacious, water tight compartment for storing your battery.

5. Adequate storage – Keeping your deck clean and free of clutter helps tremendously when you’re shooting and retrieving your game. Having stuff lying about on the deck can lead to a pretty nasty fall should you be caught up in the moment of trying to make a good shot. Keeping your gear, food and water stowed away may not seem important at first, but is invaluable to having as smooth a trip as possible.

6. Easily cleaned – Boat maintenance is one of those necessary evils that we all must do to maximize the lifespan of our duck hunting boats. It’s best to clean your boat regularly since grass and mud can be more difficult to remove the longer it stays on there. Duck hunting boats made with more advanced plastics for example can easily be cleaned with a spray hose – no scrubbing required.

7. Stability – Saving the best for last, any duck hunting boat worth its salt will need to be stable. If you’re constantly worrying about tipping over, you’re not going to have a good trip. Stability is key to ensuring you’re able to make a clean and successful shot at your intended target.

If you go search for duck hunting boats online or visit a large retailer like Bass Pro Shops, you will find there are a wide variety of vessels specifically made for hunting waterfowl. Keeping these qualities in mind, as well as where you intend on using it and the number of people you intend on taking are all critical considerations to finding the right duck hunting boat.

Round About Watercrafts round boats are ideal for reaching out of the way duck hunting spots without making a big announcement that you’re there. They’re incredibly stable and can be used in everything from a back wood swamp to a large lake or bay. Click here to learn more about duck hunting boat models, watch this video of a Round About duck hunting boat in action, or visit today.

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I really agreed that hunting for ducks and geese and also other waterfowls is not for everyone but only for particular class. They are actually incredibly stable and spend their time with this kind of sports. I enjoyed reading this stuff by the way.